Blood Talons

The Blood Talons are the followers of Destroyer Wolf, Father Wolf’s firstborn with Luna. Blood Talon’s claim that Destroyer Wolf is the strongest of all of Father Wolf’s children and that he (and the whole tribe by extension) is the one most qualified to take up the duties of guarding the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms.
Blood Talons are obsessed with the perfection of the warrior ideal. They believe that they are the most qualified to decide what it means to be an Uratha. This can often rub the other tribes the wrong way as Blood Talons don’t express their opinions with much tact or grace. To a Blood Talon all problems have a solution and often the best way to reach that solution is through fang and claw. With that in mind, the Blood Talons do show wisdom in the battles they actually engage in. The elders of the tribe caution restraint and patience, and often wait years before making war on their enemies.

Members of the Blood Talons are drawn to the tribe by the warrior ethos and high esteem which the Talons hold personal achievement. Many members of the tribe are ambitious, eager to prove themselves, or want to find the limits of what their new exist can offer them. Young Blood Talons are often impetuous, hard-headed, and easily angered. As they learn the tribe’s ways however, the elders help them learn restraint when it is called for and teach them the best ways to control the Death Rage.
Those drawn to the tribe have a strong tendency to be competitive and aggressive, even before the First Change. Members were often archetypal “troubled children” during their school years and later proved too adversarial to succeed in most lines of work. Still others found lines of work in which their aggression served them well.
The Blood Talons believe strongly in bloodlines — the Talons have perhaps the strongest sense of “family” among all the tribes — and some claim to see “the warrior mark” on werewolves who should belong in the tribe. The warrior mentality is increasingly rare in the modern world, diminishing the number of werewolves who truly believe in the importance of martial skill and tradition before the First Change.

Primary Renown: Glory

Bone Shadows

Death Wolf, the most somber and serious of Father Wolf’s children was constantly asking questions and seeking the how and why of things. She would often go on long journeys into the spirit wilds ad converse with the great spirits, learning new knowledge and forging pacts that helped her father. When she helped bring Father Wolf down, she despaired at the los of his vast knowledge. She decided then to recover all the knowledge that Father Wolf had from the various corners of both worlds. So the Bone Shadows were born.
The Bone Shadows serve as the lore-keepers and shamans of the Uratha. Even though all Uratha have affinity with spirits, it is the Bone Shadows who truly are masters at communication with the other side. They pass knowledge from generation to generation, telling of the spirits ways, secrets, strengths and weaknesses. This wisdom can take the form of books, scrolls, oral traditions, or even more obscure and esoteric methods such as the cultivation pacts with great library spirits.
The shamans seek to inform and guide all the tribes of the People, whether they like it or not. Many have accused Bone Shadows of revealing only that information which gets other Uratha to do what the shamans want. This is very true of course, but Bone Shadows don’t always believe that other tribes are ready to receive the sheer amount of knowledge that they have access to. Even within the tribe itself, there are levels of access and authority over collected secrets.

This tribe attracts members who are insatiably curious and who want to know and experience the world around them. Upon become a werewolf, the number of worlds to study increases. Bone Shadows often vary widely in appearance and personality. Some are bookish, nerdy, and quiet, while other shamans are people pleasers who love to talk to and charm all those they meet. The latter type of person, when armed with the wisdom of the tribe, are invaluable in talking to and making pacts with various spirit entities.
Many werewolves who become Bone Shadows have experiences with the spirit world or the supernatural in general before their First Change. They notice signs that there is more to the world than their peers recognize. While what’s hidden might horrify them, they’re compelled to investigate. Yet, not knowing how to do so effectively, they often launch into obsessive behavior and speak of things that seem impossible, making them seem crazed until they can no longer hold their mounting frustration in check. Joining the Bone Shadows seems to be the only way to finally find answers to haunting questions and to provide some comfort in a world more surreal and complex than most can know.

Primary Renown: Wisdom

Hunters in Darkness

The Hunters in Darkness were created by Shadow Wolf, Father Wolf’s second-born child. Shadow Wolf was not as aggressive or reckless as his older brother and preferred to tend to the most sacred places in the Border Marches. He kept the holy places clean and made sure that all who were worthy had access to the bountiful Essence and secrets that those places held. He would often shelter Destroyer Wolf when he got into something bigger than he could handle and shared many conversations with his sister Death Wolf about spiritual truths.
When his siblings hunted down Father Wolf, Shadow Wolf closed the sacred places to his parent denying him a resting place. Though it pained him, he needed a leader of the Uratha who was tireless and could help defend the holy places that Shadow Wolf love so much. With the rise of the Gauntlet, Shadow Wolf’s work has become much harder as the fallen world loses touch with what once made it a truly wondrous place. Shadow Wolf began the hunters to try and reestablish the spiritual connections that the mortal realm once had.
The Hunters concern themselves primarily with the places farthest from the encroaching effects of man. They mark out large tracts of territory in the pristine wilderness, tending the sacred places and minding the spirits endemic to those environs. They know the natural rhythms of the lands they choose, from the march of seasons to the turn of the water cycle to the comings and goings of the indigenous animal life.

Those werewolves who become part of the Hunters are strongly self-reliant before the First Change and jealously protective of what they claim as theirs. Many are withdrawn and somewhat haughty, hoarding and hiding what’s important to them without ever really questioning why. They have trouble trusting their peers and relatives, subconsciously valuing no one’s opinions or judgments above their own. Having something stolen from them or being unable to keep something they hold dear from being ruined can enrage them so completely that it brings on a Rage — or the First Change.
The Hunters value acquisition of new territory and so encourages its members to be more adventurous and claim more territory than they otherwise would have. After all, the Hunters are the ones who truly know how to manage a territory. Many members of the tribe work closely with the Bone Shadows, although they always makes sure it has the final word. Members of the Hunters often shun society and cities, however there is a growing movement that recognizes the value of urban territories and the opportunities for spiritual harmony within them.

Primary Renown: Purity

Iron Masters

Red Wolf was the youngest of Father Wolf’s children and he was never satisfied. He always sought to make things better, to change them and try new ways. This constantly got him into trouble and he became known for doing things simply to see what would happen. Some say that this was his motivation for helping to slay Father Wolf, although the Iron Masters vehemently deny that rumor. The Iron Masters are a tribe that seeks to improve the world around them and create new art, ideas, technology.
The tribe was very small at first, but the rise of humanity and the dawn of first the industrial and now the digital age, the tribe’s ranks have swelled and they have become extremely influential among the People. The Iron Masters are the Uratha who are most in touch with humanity and the way the modern world operates. They know the Uratha will never again be the lords of the Earth that their ancestors were, but they see the potential for humanity to fill that role. Therefore, they keep up with the rapid pace at which humanity changes, marking how well it goes. And as humans change the face of the world and shape its Shadow, the Iron Masters apply the best products of human ingenuity toward bettering and honoring their territories.

The Iron Masters tribe attracts those of the People who have always sought new ways of doing things and aren’t afraid to take risks. Before the First Change, they tend to be quick adopters of new technology, idealistic social reformers or pretty much anyone who rises above the provincial and conventional ways others think. They see how quickly and radically human society changes, and the idea of letting change happen and being left behind is frustrating. Yet, advocates of progressive social evolution are not always appreciated in their time (especially in the World of Darkness). Clashes with those who are content to adhere to bygone ideals can lead to infuriation and violence sufficient to bring on the First Change.
Many Iron Masters are crafters, artists, or other creative types. They are often proficient with computers and with modern ways of thought. For many packs the Iron Master is the face of the group to humans and other supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness.

Primary Renown: Cunning

Storm Lords

Winter Wolf was always the voice of reason among Father Wolf’s children. He was strong, beautiful, and charismatic and gave his brothers and sisters hope and leadership when they needed it. When Father Wolf was hunted by his children, Winter Wolf led the pack that ran him down. And when his father finally fell and the Gauntlet came crashing down, it was Winter Wolf who took charge. The tribe he established is one that values initiative, honor, strength, and most of all the ability to lead.
Today, the Storm Lords still bear that burden of leadership trying to lead their cousins in the other tribes to do the work that Father Wolf’s death left undone. They know that they must be strong and unyielding in order to live up to their responsibilities, never holding themselves back out of fear, weakness or the worry that their cousins might not approve of their methods. All that matters is doing what’s required without fail and without complaint.

Werewolves who become Storm Lords tend to not only seek power, but seek to do something worthwhile with it. They brim with self-confidence, cavalierly taking what they want and working tirelessly to change the minds of people who don’t respond favorably. This behavior becomes overbearing very quickly and pushes people away despite every intention to the contrary, but it isn’t inspired by simple greed or arrogance. A latent cub can subconsciously sense that his life is missing something, and he futilely tries to fill that void. The frustration of repeated failures (or an inevitable confrontation with the people his behavior agitates most) proves enough to bring on the First Change.
Talking to experienced Storm Lords once the initial turmoil of the Change has passed helps cubs realize that while power and authority are their birthright, what they’ve been missing thus far is purpose. The Storm Lords can provide that purpose. The Storm Lords take their new members and mold them into confident men and women. They teach them the ways to gain trust, inspire courage, and lead the People in war and peace.

Primary Renown: Honor


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